Title Presenter(s) Year Sort ascending Affiliate Institution Paper
Enhanced Credit Decisioning Through Consumer Transaction Data Scoring Mr Barrett Hasseldine , Mr Daniel Gieschen 2023 illion Download Abstract (PDF)
A Practical Graph-Based Approach to Corporate Default Modelling Mr Kjartan Palsson, Dr Gunnar Gunnarsson 2023 Creditinfo Download Abstract (PDF)
Estimating Current Household Level Effective Disposable Income Using Macro Data Miss Amea Koziol 2023 Experian Download Abstract (PDF) / Download Slides (PDF)
A Process for Automatic Feature Generation for Credit Risk Modeling Mr Christopher Kadow 2023 Experian Download Abstract (PDF)
Evaluating Oversampling Techniques for Financial Credit Risk Prediction: A Dataset Characteristic-Based Approach Ms Yue Yang, Dr Boon-Giin Lee, Dr Boon-Giin Lee Dr Anthony Graham Bellotti, Mr Tangtangfang Fang, Mr Honghao Zhang, Mr Junhan Xue 2023 University of Nottingham Ningbo China Download Abstract (PDF)
A Sample-size Dependent Measure of Population Correspondence in Banking - Improving the Population Stability Index (PSI) Professor WD Schutte, Dr Corli Van Zyl, Professor Nelis Potgieter, Professor Fred Lombard 2023 Absa, North-West University, Texas Christian University Download Abstract (PDF)
Expected Profit Distribution in Loan Portfolios Subject to Delinquencies and Macroeconomic Shocks Dr Viani Djeundje Biatat, Professor Jonathan Crook, Professor Galina Andreeva 2023 Credit Research Centre Download Abstract (PDF)
A Scalable Approach to Prediction from Multiple Data Sources with Varying Availability Stephen Miller, Felipe Avila, Lewis Jordan, Greg Kwiatkowski 2023 Equifax Inc. Download Paper (PDF)
Explanation Dropout: Practical Counterfactual Explanations for Machine Learning Models Dr Matthew Kennel 2023 FICO Download Abstract (PDF)
A Scenario Based Qualitative Impact Assessment of the FCA’s Proposal for Reforming the Credit Information Market Dr Steve Finlay 2023 Jaywing Download Abstract (PDF) / Download Slides (PDF)
Fair Models in Credit: Intersectional Discrimination and the Amplification of Inequity Miss Savina Kim, Professor Galina Andreeva, Professor Stefan Lessmann, Professor Michael Rovatsos 2023 University of Edinburgh Business School, Edinburgh Futures Institute Download Abstract (PDF)
Assessing the Impact of the Incremental Improvement in Credit Scoring - ROC Curves and Beyond Dr Błażej Kochański 2023 Gdańsk University Of Technology Download Abstract (PDF)
Fairness in Machine Learning Models for Banking Applications Dr Remi Cuchillo 2023 Barclays Download Abstract (PDF)
A Winding Road to Credit: Access to Finance for Underbanked Populations Mr Dmitry Borodin, Mr Guilhem Poucin 2023 Creditinfo Download Abstract (PDF)
Financial Distress Prediction: The Influence of the Text of a Business Plan Professor Guotai Chi, Professor Ying Zhou, Dr Zhipeng Zhang, Miss Ying Liu 2023 Dalian University of Technology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Download Abstract (PDF)

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