University of Edinburgh Business School

Keynote Speakers

Dr Javier Frassetto

Chief Risk & Analytics Officer


Javier is the Chief Risk and Analytics Officer of LenddoEFL, world leader in identity verification and scoring technology using non-traditional data.

He joined the team during the merger with Entrepreneurial Finance Lab (EFL) where he served as Vice President in Modelling and Data Science from 2015. At EFL, Javier was responsible for the development and implementation of EFL’s predictive models. Prior to that, he worked as a risk management consultant with Deloitte, leading projects around Latin America and Europe. He was responsible for different projects including the implementation of risk frameworks, stress testing, capital allocation, and diverse credit risk solutions for banks and NBFCs. He has also been a professor in postgraduate programmes for risk management and credit risk courses.

Javier is an actuary and holds an MBA degree from San Andres University in Buenos Aires.

Dr Diederick Potgieter

Risk Specialist

Supervisory Risk Specialists
Bank of England

Diederick is a senior technical specialist in capital management at the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), Bank of England.

His role, as part of the Supervisory Risk Specialists at the PRA, is to provide technical expertise and support to the supervision of UK regulated banks through risk and capital adequacy assessments (ICAAPs/SREPs), the Bank’s financial stability objectives through the modelling and analysis of stress test results in the Bank’s annual stress test programme, and support to the further development and enhancement of prudential policy.

He holds a PhD in Mathematical Statistics and his specialities include credit risk, operational risk, concentration risk, model risk management, capital management practices, stress testing and economic capital frameworks. Before joining the FSA/PRA in 2011 he was Director of Capital Modelling at Barclay’s bank.

Dr Paul Russell

Director of Analytics

Experian Consumer Services UK & Ireland

Paul has nearly 30 years’ experience of data-driven decision analytics and during that time he has designed and delivered complex, integrated decision management solutions across the customer lifecycle. He has played a key role in the development of innovative, automated decision solutions in consumer and commercial lending, working closely with a large variety of financial institutions across a diverse range of markets in Europe and Asia. He has developed specialist expertise in data science; predictive modelling; strategy definition and monitoring; regulatory analytics and stress testing under Basel II/III and IFRS9; and international consultancy.

Latterly he has assumed responsibility for Analytics within Experian’s Consumer Services business with a focus on web analytics, consumer journeys and more personalised interactions with consumers. Machine learning and new sources of data are central to this work, along with the issues of utility and privacy that affect consumers and businesses alike.

Paul holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Nottingham, UK.