University of Edinburgh Business School
Credit Scoring & Credit Control Conference XVI
28–30 August 2019
The CRC is an impartial research group devoted to the study of credit. It is independent of credit granting organisations and engages in both theoretical and highly applied research of interest to all stakeholders in the industry, including lenders, credit suppliers, credit scoring organisations, borrowers and government agencies.

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Conference Papers
Will machine learning and hyperparameter optimization become a game changer for credit scoring?
Presenter(s): Knut Opdal; Thomas Hill; Rikard Bohm
Year of presentation: 2017
Affiliate institution: StatSoft; Quest Information Management
Conference Papers
When you’re drowning in collections, optimising your swimming technique can be helpful
Presenter(s): Bruce Curry; Andy Harrison
Year of presentation: 2017
Affiliate institution: FICO
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